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DejaCode is a comprehensive enterprise solution for software governance. nexB offers DejaCode as a Cloud service (SaaS) or for on-premises installation.
DejaCode is designed for legal, management and other software professionals to set usage policies and monitor compliance across products and development teams.

If you want to try DejaCode with your own data, please contact us.

nexB's mission is to support the reuse of open source and other software components to accelerate the efficient delivery of software products and systems in every industry.
As part of our mission we support the AboutCode suite of open source tools for developers - see the nexB projects on Github for more information.
AboutCode on Github provides an overview of our projects.

Thank you for giving DejaCode a try!

The nexB DejaCode Team.


DejaCode is written in Python and uses PostgreSQL, the world's most advanced open source database.

DejaCode is powered by Django, the web framework. Django is a registered trademark of the Django Software Foundation.

If you are a DejaCode customer and want to know the specific open source components used in a DejaCode release, please send an email to info@nexb.com and include the applicable version of DejaCode in your request.

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